Rising Like The ‘Phoenix’ From A Paradise Burnt To Ashes

It doesn’t take a lifetime to understand that your life is spiraling out of control, where every choice you make, no matter how noble or wise, is in turn creating a parallel string of consequences. These supposed irreversible consequences manifest themselves into a pot of boiling repercussions that defy the physical parameters of detonation. Instead of reacting simultaneously to our actions, these reactions keep piling up and just like a dormant, deceptive volcano erupt at the most unexpected of times. Times have changed, dramatically. The element of values, morals and karma are reversed to the extent that the more you do good, the more susceptible you become to the inevitable blows. With a string of situations and counter-situations and learning from a multitude of personal experiences, it seems that surely as night follows day, there comes a time when even Gods must die! So it has come to pass that God Himself has either forsaken humanity or has simply seized to exist. I am no atheist, however, blessed with sentience and a rational mind, the only logical assumption stemmed from a plethora of betrayals, deceptions is that we are entirely on our own now.

For many of us, the journey of life is dotted with a symmetrical range of good times and bad times that continue in some pre-defined cosmic ballet. However, in this global populace of some six billion souls, there are a few handful of individuals for whom, life, destiny and even karma have apparently set an exception. These souls exist on a proverbial minefield that is laid down with dangerous and at times quite fatal obstacles and to add to the already cumbersome journey, these people are subjugated to some of the most biased judgments from life itself. One of the most heart breaking experiences of life has to be without a doubt, ‘Betrayal’. A time when the very person you so endearingly lived for, placates his/her existence from one’s life, leaving a gaping hole of rejection and vain that more often than not, takes shape of insanity. Being insane is a relatively easier way out than to be in your senses and keep bracing hits after hits after hits. This is the bitter experience that many of us have gone through in our course of lives and still stand affirm in our existence as rationale human beings. Every decision we make, every step we take has consequences. The question remains, “How far  and how badly these ‘consequences’ will affect our lives?” The philosophical implications of our actions are tremendous, but for those of us who prefer more practical approach, their manifestations can be seen in our daily existence.

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Tribute: A Mystical Phenomenon Called “Love”!!

So it happened! One moment you are truly, madly and deeply in love and then, what appears to be an instant, that love is snatched away from you, leaving you with traces of a life that, was to summarize in one word, Heavenly. We all have different methods of dealing with tragedies and heart breaks. Some turn to the shelter of God, some take a more intoxicating step towards, alcohol and others simply try to bury the past and push themselves to move on in life.

All these steps based on an individual’s psyche can be termed as damage control, but one question that most people tend to overlook is, “Till what extent do we continue to survive in the ‘damage control’ mode?” With my recent experience, all I can say is that, to move on in life is too over rated and far too easier said than done. When a heart breaks or a love is lost, the inexplicable pain that shoots from the center your brain to the very end of your toe is one of the most excruciating experiences that a man can ever come across. All the moments spent together, every sentence that was exchanged between you and your soul mate, become an endless loop of memories and continues in your head, no matter how hard you try to put it to rest.

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Time To Realize The Foley Of ‘A King Without A Kingdom’

Sorrow grips every hour of our existence. Hurdles and unforeseen circumstances raise their ugly heads at every endeavor we pursue and to add insult to injury there comes the ever so cumbersome dilemma of controlling emotions. A mere visage of practicality, a facade of normalcy envelops us throughout our turmoil. It’s like a mask that we unwillingly wear to fit in the so-called compassionate society. The unscrupulous  dynamic environment in which we survive like a pact, in-fact it is an alien world to us. A realm of reality which does not make any sense to those, who have seen life at the other end of the coin. A fictitious world of Eden, where every joyous moment is an illusion, a mirage, constructed for the sole purpose of testing an individual’s load capacity, or to be precise and in laymen terms, to test how far a person can be bent, broken and battered till he breaks.

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So You Thought It Was Over? It Has Just Begun!

A constant struggle to make sense of all that is happening around us, is what we can cynically call “Life”. To this date, no one (and I stress on the ‘no one’ part) has been able to figure out as to what the purpose of our existence is. We try to find meaning, a sense of completion by acting in the most humane manner possible, vying to make the best of our lives and yet, somewhere in this struggle individualism prevails, thus negating the whole concept of life.

To take life as a blessing for some, is metaphorically benign and quite easy, without the realization of the fact that, almost out of 100 individuals 90 to 95 people consider their lives to be nothing but a burden which they unwillingly have to endure for the sole reason of establishing their existence. At the end of the day, after all is said and done, the moment of truth slams right in our faces and the reality of life veers its ugly head unraveling a venom, an extremely slow acting poison, which literally feeds on our hopes and aspirations.

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