A Decisive War Against ‘Destiny’

As the sun sets with its final rays shimmering just above the horizon, a man sits at the very edge of his sanity looking beyond the rationale of normalcy. A fringe event where the man’s thoughts and actions take complete opposite directions and leave him in a dilemma, where he struggles to find the common denominator between what he thinks and the acts that follow. It is during this journey that he realizes the impact of fate and how it affects every action that he takes. With every breath, his will to fend off destiny becomes stronger. This is a man who once had an irrevocable faith in the unseen power of God, but with the sands of time he witnessed his granite etched ‘faith’ peel away like the layers of an onion. Every move he made, every smile he conjured, eventually became the casualty of destiny’s brutal assault on him. When I look back at this man, I feel compelled to take a glance at the legendary myth of the Achilles heel, where this man’s will to survive beyond all odds  has manifested itself into his downfall. Yes, I’ve heard people say that your destiny is in your hands, but is it really? If that had been a fact, then the millions of souls perished in calamities and accidents, would have been alive at present. With all my experience and myself fulfilling the role of a witness, it stands to reason that Destiny is a tricky item, one that to some represent ‘Dawn’, while for others take the form of ‘Dusk. I do realize that if you are reading this journal and have read the previous entries as well, you might think of the author as an extremely pessimistic individual. However, pessimism has absolutely no relation to this entry or any previous ones for that matter.

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