Pakistan Taliban Responsible For Afghanistan CIA Bombing

The suicide bombing at a CIA base in the Khost province of  Afghanistan that killed seven intelligence officers, including a Jordanian intelligence operative was infact carried out by the Pakistan Taliban, a faction of the notorious Taliban, that has razed Pakistan’s security apparatus to the ground. In a video released by Pakistan Taliban, the suicide bomber, Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, a Jordanian national is seen sitting on the floor with the new chief of the organization and has claimed responsibilty for the attack.

The suicide bomber was thought to be an informant was invited by the intelligence agency at CIA’s high security facility, where the al-Balawi blew himself and killed seven CIA officials and injuring many others, Pakistan Taliban stated that, the attack was carried out in retaliation for the killing of their ex-leader, Baitullah Mehsud during a CIA sanctioned drone missile strike. This latest confession on part of a terrorist organization operating from territories under Pakistan’s jurisdiction could spark exceeded levels of pressure from the U.S to the Pakistani authorities to step up their military offensive currently underway in the largely lawless tribal areas of Northwest Pakistan.

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U.S Special Forces Accelerate Anti-Terror Operations In Afghanistan

Special Forces units of the United States of America have reportedly accelerated their efforts against the militant outfits such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other terror outfits in Afghanistan and is planning to significantly expand its covert operations in the region in an effort to uproot some of the most dreaded terrorist outfits operating from the area.

A number of U.S military commanders on the basis of anonymity have stated that, specialized units of the elite U.S Delta Force and classified U.S Navy Seals units have been conducting counter insurgency operations and thus far have been able to weaken the command structure of Sirajuddin Haqqani, one of the most ruthless and dangerous Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. As per the reports, the special forces units have been able to eliminate some of the key Taliban operatives, based on intercepted cell phone communications.

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F-22 Raptors Return Home After Middle East Combat Tour

The state of the art fifth generation fighter aircraft, the F-22 Raptors returned home after completing their debut combat tour in the Middle East. The Raptors were part of the extensive air power deployed by the U.S in the region in its expanded Was on Terror.

The Middle East tour was the first operational theater for the F-22 Raptors operating out of the Langley Air Force Base, Virginia under the command of the U.S. Air Forces Central area of responsibility. Before being deployed to the Middle East, the Raptors saw overseas training exercises in Japan at the Kadena Air Base and at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

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Time To Realize The Foley Of ‘A King Without A Kingdom’

Sorrow grips every hour of our existence. Hurdles and unforeseen circumstances raise their ugly heads at every endeavor we pursue and to add insult to injury there comes the ever so cumbersome dilemma of controlling emotions. A mere visage of practicality, a facade of normalcy envelops us throughout our turmoil. It’s like a mask that we unwillingly wear to fit in the so-called compassionate society. The unscrupulous  dynamic environment in which we survive like a pact, in-fact it is an alien world to us. A realm of reality which does not make any sense to those, who have seen life at the other end of the coin. A fictitious world of Eden, where every joyous moment is an illusion, a mirage, constructed for the sole purpose of testing an individual’s load capacity, or to be precise and in laymen terms, to test how far a person can be bent, broken and battered till he breaks.

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The Ultimate Weapon Of Destiny!

Love, as defined in the dictionary is ‘a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.’ So being the case, what is still unclear is, if Love is so clearly defined and understood by the human intellect then how is it that at the precise moment of reality, when everything hangs in the balance of one person’s acceptance or denial, honesty or infidelity, is the exact time when that special someone chooses to throw away the intricately designed definition of love and just simply walks away and takes the path that chooses him/her the best. Taking this very argument as a hypothesis, the final and the most vital questions baffles me and this question being; “Is love meant only for individuals who have a choice, who can make decisions as they seem fit?

In the event that someone does come up with an answer to the above-mentioned question, a secondary question that would certainly by every logical reason will be asked and that question according to me would be the most fitting to almost every individual burnt in love.

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So You Thought It Was Over? It Has Just Begun!

A constant struggle to make sense of all that is happening around us, is what we can cynically call “Life”. To this date, no one (and I stress on the ‘no one’ part) has been able to figure out as to what the purpose of our existence is. We try to find meaning, a sense of completion by acting in the most humane manner possible, vying to make the best of our lives and yet, somewhere in this struggle individualism prevails, thus negating the whole concept of life.

To take life as a blessing for some, is metaphorically benign and quite easy, without the realization of the fact that, almost out of 100 individuals 90 to 95 people consider their lives to be nothing but a burden which they unwillingly have to endure for the sole reason of establishing their existence. At the end of the day, after all is said and done, the moment of truth slams right in our faces and the reality of life veers its ugly head unraveling a venom, an extremely slow acting poison, which literally feeds on our hopes and aspirations.

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