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Well, what can I say? other than, I see life from an entirely different perspective altogether.. Some people don't understand, others refuse to acknowledge it and some are naive enough to say that, there exists no other perspective. To anyone who knows a writer, never underestimate the power of your encouragement!!

3..2..1 … Missiles’ Off The Rail.. Good Kill..


The war rages on! Battle for control of the ones who wish to break free carries on with utmost impunity. The self finds itself in the midst of this chaos as a ‘Victim’ and a ‘Warrior’, one that’s shredded by the unabatable scythe of time and fate. This war shall never end and will forever claim more misery than deliver peace.

Every soul on this plant vies for sanity, peace and a sense of soulful security that resonates with happiness, contentment and a sense of meaning. However, for a handful out of the 7.2 billion souls inheriting the Earth, there’s a war that not only needs to be openly defied but at the same time requires to be fought with a fervor that’s at par with Genghis Khan, Chhatrapati Shivaji and Alexander the Great.

To the few, this war represents absolution, the very precipice that creates the demarcating line between a fighter and a coward. Personally, this battle has raged for far too long but then again, the more you hide from it, the more you take on the persona of a cowardly escapist. The profound notion exists that War only courts chaos, yet when seen through the prism of practicality, War itself is the only tool through which absolute Peace can be attained. Without the fires of battle, the calm of Peace in inconceivable. In context, when life declares and carries out a relentless War on a mortal, the most optimum response is to fight back.

Just because one can’t see or feel what he’s fighting doesn’t give a reason to back off. War is like a disease, a parasite, persistent in nature but equally relenting when matched with equal or greater force. To hide behind the veil of morality is nothing but cowardice, however, to step up, fight and eventually do whatever it needs to be done to fight the War is the mark of a true warrior.

There are dime a dozen of those who wallow in self-pity and self-loathing, blaming life and fate for their misfortunes. However, if you are true to yourself, then pick yourself up, brace it and fight the battle that only a rare few have to courage for.

Yes, Life is cruel, an evil entity for all intents and purposes, however, this phenomenon is not without its Achilles heel. Analyze your circumstances, rationalize reality and then figure out the weakness through which you may yet not be able to win the un-winnable but definitely empower yourself to put up a fight that even the Heaven shall respect.

At the end of it all, it’s all that simple. Guns Up … Eyes on Target …. Check your corners for anomalies and then from the deepest recesses of your heart, bring about that epic clarinet call for War.. Fight, my friends, Fight. Because, there’s no true other honor than being a Warrior, whether a living legend, or a Dead tribute.


Relentless Yet Futile Pursuit Of ‘Love’

With time, the masks worn by a broken man get more and more etched into his present and has a tendency of fast transforming into his future while becoming an integral part of his destiny. Desires and dreams are ironically the same two sides to the coin of life and are inter-woven into each other’s existence. The more you desire the more you dream and the more you dream, the more you desire. Many fortunate souls get what they desire the most and have nearly all their dreams fulfilled. However, in this so-called ‘balanced life’, there exists a handful of those for whom desires and dreams take the form of heart shattering disappointments and unbearable nightmares. Once a man had a dream, a deep-seated desire to ‘Love’ and to be ‘Loved’. However, in the due course of events, life played its cruel hand and in mere moments his desires vaporized and his most cherished dreams were set ablaze in the fires of ‘betrayal’. Everything he believed in, held so close to his heart, took the form of a dagger that eventually will become his ultimate tool for destruction. His confidante, his biggest ally reared its ugly head of deception and lies, while masking his monstrous deeds with his compassion and empathy. The man one day, soaked in wine and tears of blood, looked to the skies and with the wailing cry of a wounded animal asked the heavens for respite. But, the forces residing in this mythical realm of ‘Heaven’  looked down upon the soul and gave a smile that was dotted with mischief, a smile without ‘Mercy’, ‘Sympathy’ or ‘Empathy’.

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A Decisive War Against ‘Destiny’

As the sun sets with its final rays shimmering just above the horizon, a man sits at the very edge of his sanity looking beyond the rationale of normalcy. A fringe event where the man’s thoughts and actions take complete opposite directions and leave him in a dilemma, where he struggles to find the common denominator between what he thinks and the acts that follow. It is during this journey that he realizes the impact of fate and how it affects every action that he takes. With every breath, his will to fend off destiny becomes stronger. This is a man who once had an irrevocable faith in the unseen power of God, but with the sands of time he witnessed his granite etched ‘faith’ peel away like the layers of an onion. Every move he made, every smile he conjured, eventually became the casualty of destiny’s brutal assault on him. When I look back at this man, I feel compelled to take a glance at the legendary myth of the Achilles heel, where this man’s will to survive beyond all odds  has manifested itself into his downfall. Yes, I’ve heard people say that your destiny is in your hands, but is it really? If that had been a fact, then the millions of souls perished in calamities and accidents, would have been alive at present. With all my experience and myself fulfilling the role of a witness, it stands to reason that Destiny is a tricky item, one that to some represent ‘Dawn’, while for others take the form of ‘Dusk. I do realize that if you are reading this journal and have read the previous entries as well, you might think of the author as an extremely pessimistic individual. However, pessimism has absolutely no relation to this entry or any previous ones for that matter.

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Rising Like The ‘Phoenix’ From A Paradise Burnt To Ashes

It doesn’t take a lifetime to understand that your life is spiraling out of control, where every choice you make, no matter how noble or wise, is in turn creating a parallel string of consequences. These supposed irreversible consequences manifest themselves into a pot of boiling repercussions that defy the physical parameters of detonation. Instead of reacting simultaneously to our actions, these reactions keep piling up and just like a dormant, deceptive volcano erupt at the most unexpected of times. Times have changed, dramatically. The element of values, morals and karma are reversed to the extent that the more you do good, the more susceptible you become to the inevitable blows. With a string of situations and counter-situations and learning from a multitude of personal experiences, it seems that surely as night follows day, there comes a time when even Gods must die! So it has come to pass that God Himself has either forsaken humanity or has simply seized to exist. I am no atheist, however, blessed with sentience and a rational mind, the only logical assumption stemmed from a plethora of betrayals, deceptions is that we are entirely on our own now.

For many of us, the journey of life is dotted with a symmetrical range of good times and bad times that continue in some pre-defined cosmic ballet. However, in this global populace of some six billion souls, there are a few handful of individuals for whom, life, destiny and even karma have apparently set an exception. These souls exist on a proverbial minefield that is laid down with dangerous and at times quite fatal obstacles and to add to the already cumbersome journey, these people are subjugated to some of the most biased judgments from life itself. One of the most heart breaking experiences of life has to be without a doubt, ‘Betrayal’. A time when the very person you so endearingly lived for, placates his/her existence from one’s life, leaving a gaping hole of rejection and vain that more often than not, takes shape of insanity. Being insane is a relatively easier way out than to be in your senses and keep bracing hits after hits after hits. This is the bitter experience that many of us have gone through in our course of lives and still stand affirm in our existence as rationale human beings. Every decision we make, every step we take has consequences. The question remains, “How far  and how badly these ‘consequences’ will affect our lives?” The philosophical implications of our actions are tremendous, but for those of us who prefer more practical approach, their manifestations can be seen in our daily existence.

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Love, The Redeemer! The Brutal Choreography Of Emotions

God created us all, gave us sentience, will and thinking abilities. However, what He missed out on was, to provide us with the ability to toggle between our emotions and feelings. Humans, perhaps one of the most advanced races in the entire universe has been able to accomplish so many things since its creation. We managed to harness the power of fire, construct kingdoms, wage wars and create metropolis of the 21st century. But, if there is one thing that us, the Homo sapiens, have yet to achieve is the ability to switch on or off our emotions as per our will.

Maybe, tomorrow I won’t have any recollection of this journal that I am about to post or if u ask me some day what I really wished to convey with this post, I might be left in a fix as to explain how and why I wrote this. Still, I do know that, a heart agonized in the fires of loneliness, pined to become one with the person it loves the most has only one outlet to vent its anguished emotions out, and that is through words. Not verbal, but on paper. It is my request that this post should not be taken as a means of garnering attention, but as a realization from the point of view of a mere mortal, who just wishes to reach to the underlying humanity of his readers. How does one really sustain an emotional massacre? The answer is, most of the people and I emphasize on “most” aren’t able to cope with the after effects of emotions gone awry. You see, our lives and our world is based on an intricate web of practicalities and severe emotional responses. Being practical has become the way of life and somehow in the due course, feelings, especially ‘Love’ has taken a back seat, where its importance and its sheer value has been lost. However, there are some individuals who tend to realize the essence of Love and understand its significance in one’s life.

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Global Environmental Concerns That India Overlooks

The rapid growth of the Indian economy and the mere fact that, India is fast progressing towards the road of being a developed country has not only given an immense boost to the international stature of India, but has also caused monumental negative effects on the environment. The population burst along with an incredibly rising automobile market, has led to an exponential increase to the carbon emissions generated from one of the most rapidly developing countries in South East Asia. When we talk about sustainable growth strategies, we talk about the various means and projects that can help us bring home the ‘Go Green’ badge for our country and at the same, turn our nation’s progress in environment conservation into a benchmark through which future global progress can be compared.

However, do our present political, social economical and industrial models present a viable platform to achieve such a success. The answer is a flat out NO!. The land mass of India has already been covered with more than a billion souls, thereby leading to rapidly increasing requirements for the sustainability of our populace. Our politicians and upper echelons of the corridor of power keep issuing statements and rallies trying to educate the local population about the benefits of eco-conservation, but in fact, these so called national leaders have done nearly nothing to ensure that such a day would come, when our reliability on fossil fuels may come down to bare minimum. The progress and prosperity of a nation is only as good as the assured success of its citizens while maintaining the longevity of a country’s natural beauty, including the flora and fauna.

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Tribute: A Mystical Phenomenon Called “Love”!!

So it happened! One moment you are truly, madly and deeply in love and then, what appears to be an instant, that love is snatched away from you, leaving you with traces of a life that, was to summarize in one word, Heavenly. We all have different methods of dealing with tragedies and heart breaks. Some turn to the shelter of God, some take a more intoxicating step towards, alcohol and others simply try to bury the past and push themselves to move on in life.

All these steps based on an individual’s psyche can be termed as damage control, but one question that most people tend to overlook is, “Till what extent do we continue to survive in the ‘damage control’ mode?” With my recent experience, all I can say is that, to move on in life is too over rated and far too easier said than done. When a heart breaks or a love is lost, the inexplicable pain that shoots from the center your brain to the very end of your toe is one of the most excruciating experiences that a man can ever come across. All the moments spent together, every sentence that was exchanged between you and your soul mate, become an endless loop of memories and continues in your head, no matter how hard you try to put it to rest.

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