3..2..1 … Missiles’ Off The Rail.. Good Kill..


The war rages on! Battle for control of the ones who wish to break free carries on with utmost impunity. The self finds itself in the midst of this chaos as a ‘Victim’ and a ‘Warrior’, one that’s shredded by the unabatable scythe of time and fate. This war shall never end and will forever claim more misery than deliver peace.

Every soul on this plant vies for sanity, peace and a sense of soulful security that resonates with happiness, contentment and a sense of meaning. However, for a handful out of the 7.2 billion souls inheriting the Earth, there’s a war that not only needs to be openly defied but at the same time requires to be fought with a fervor that’s at par with Genghis Khan, Chhatrapati Shivaji and Alexander the Great.

To the few, this war represents absolution, the very precipice that creates the demarcating line between a fighter and a coward. Personally, this battle has raged for far too long but then again, the more you hide from it, the more you take on the persona of a cowardly escapist. The profound notion exists that War only courts chaos, yet when seen through the prism of practicality, War itself is the only tool through which absolute Peace can be attained. Without the fires of battle, the calm of Peace in inconceivable. In context, when life declares and carries out a relentless War on a mortal, the most optimum response is to fight back.

Just because one can’t see or feel what he’s fighting doesn’t give a reason to back off. War is like a disease, a parasite, persistent in nature but equally relenting when matched with equal or greater force. To hide behind the veil of morality is nothing but cowardice, however, to step up, fight and eventually do whatever it needs to be done to fight the War is the mark of a true warrior.

There are dime a dozen of those who wallow in self-pity and self-loathing, blaming life and fate for their misfortunes. However, if you are true to yourself, then pick yourself up, brace it and fight the battle that only a rare few have to courage for.

Yes, Life is cruel, an evil entity for all intents and purposes, however, this phenomenon is not without its Achilles heel. Analyze your circumstances, rationalize reality and then figure out the weakness through which you may yet not be able to win the un-winnable but definitely empower yourself to put up a fight that even the Heaven shall respect.

At the end of it all, it’s all that simple. Guns Up … Eyes on Target …. Check your corners for anomalies and then from the deepest recesses of your heart, bring about that epic clarinet call for War.. Fight, my friends, Fight. Because, there’s no true other honor than being a Warrior, whether a living legend, or a Dead tribute.


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