Relentless Yet Futile Pursuit Of ‘Love’

With time, the masks worn by a broken man get more and more etched into his present and has a tendency of fast transforming into his future while becoming an integral part of his destiny. Desires and dreams are ironically the same two sides to the coin of life and are inter-woven into each other’s existence. The more you desire the more you dream and the more you dream, the more you desire. Many fortunate souls get what they desire the most and have nearly all their dreams fulfilled. However, in this so-called ‘balanced life’, there exists a handful of those for whom desires and dreams take the form of heart shattering disappointments and unbearable nightmares. Once a man had a dream, a deep-seated desire to ‘Love’ and to be ‘Loved’. However, in the due course of events, life played its cruel hand and in mere moments his desires vaporized and his most cherished dreams were set ablaze in the fires of ‘betrayal’. Everything he believed in, held so close to his heart, took the form of a dagger that eventually will become his ultimate tool for destruction. His confidante, his biggest ally reared its ugly head of deception and lies, while masking his monstrous deeds with his compassion and empathy. The man one day, soaked in wine and tears of blood, looked to the skies and with the wailing cry of a wounded animal asked the heavens for respite. But, the forces residing in this mythical realm of ‘Heaven’  looked down upon the soul and gave a smile that was dotted with mischief, a smile without ‘Mercy’, ‘Sympathy’ or ‘Empathy’.

His heart longed to be with the person he endears so very much, yet all he has with him is her smiles, her untainted soul and her pure as gold, heart, to be reminded of as a memory, never to be realized. This time, there are no questions, no paradoxes and certainly no illusions or even delusions. This man played HIS game once, but was sold out with no regards, his soul drenched in the gasoline of HIS relentless vengeance and HIS persistent desire to watch and enjoy a soul burn in the flames of agony. Her words echo in this man’s conscience while her deep, captivating eyes continue to keep the man awake, even when his body screams for rest. Her magical smile leads to the man’s now frozen tears to swell from within and create a storm that is unmatched in its fury and its fervor. The punch line of this cruel joke from the King of Heavens being that this man vies to be one with his sole salvation and though she seems so near, yet she is too far away. Too away for the man to grasp and too near that he can smell her perfume, see her smile in his dreams that he experiences with open eyes. Her voice that of a nightingale haunts every moment, her compassion for humanity makes him want to have her more and as he reaches out with all his might to bring her close to him, farther away she goes. This man’s last hope to ‘LIVE’, rests solely upon whether or not he is able to experience the love he has longed for so long. Love is the only path to the proverbial ‘Immortality’, a path that if one succeeds upon leads to a place where pain, despair and agony become non-existent.

There is nothing I shall spare to put a smile on your face and nothing that I shall not defeat to ensure that your smile remains eternal.”


One thought on “Relentless Yet Futile Pursuit Of ‘Love’

  1. too overwhelmed,,,,,,to love and to be loved is not a dream but it is our birth right that each of us deserve….definitely there is someone who will give love…give something that you want to receive ……every mistake is a lesson..need to move forward hoping for a better tomorrow….the song track is amazing ….speaks the mind of the writer… ps .. ..unlucky is the person who did not value the gem she had on hand……..there will come a jeweller who will appreciate this gem and fix it in the crown….

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