A Decisive War Against ‘Destiny’

As the sun sets with its final rays shimmering just above the horizon, a man sits at the very edge of his sanity looking beyond the rationale of normalcy. A fringe event where the man’s thoughts and actions take complete opposite directions and leave him in a dilemma, where he struggles to find the common denominator between what he thinks and the acts that follow. It is during this journey that he realizes the impact of fate and how it affects every action that he takes. With every breath, his will to fend off destiny becomes stronger. This is a man who once had an irrevocable faith in the unseen power of God, but with the sands of time he witnessed his granite etched ‘faith’ peel away like the layers of an onion. Every move he made, every smile he conjured, eventually became the casualty of destiny’s brutal assault on him. When I look back at this man, I feel compelled to take a glance at the legendary myth of the Achilles heel, where this man’s will to survive beyond all odds  has manifested itself into his downfall. Yes, I’ve heard people say that your destiny is in your hands, but is it really? If that had been a fact, then the millions of souls perished in calamities and accidents, would have been alive at present. With all my experience and myself fulfilling the role of a witness, it stands to reason that Destiny is a tricky item, one that to some represent ‘Dawn’, while for others take the form of ‘Dusk. I do realize that if you are reading this journal and have read the previous entries as well, you might think of the author as an extremely pessimistic individual. However, pessimism has absolutely no relation to this entry or any previous ones for that matter.

Is life a gamble, is it a roller coaster? Or is it just a pre-determined turn of events designed as a cruel experiment? In the reference to the man that I speak of and others like him, life hasn’t been as unpredictable as others have experienced. In our case, it has always adopted a linear route, where life finds it best to be at its worst and intend to retain this stance, regardless of how much we plead, yell or try to retaliate. You cannot fight destiny nor time, because you can’t hurt something that you can’t see and this only proves as a tactical advantage for these nemeses, which then strike without mercy and with a vengeance that burns likes a thousand suns. No matter what the blows are and what their intensity is, a survivor will always push forward. Whether tattered or bleeding, this man will not surrender, will not go quietly into the night, but shall create a battlefield legacy in front of which Destiny, Fate and even God will have to bow down. This man’s enemies will not break him, will not deter him not shall they ever be able to force a surrender out of this warrior. They might have the most powerful weapons for wreaking havoc in this man’s life, but his resilience, courage and the fiery will to fight back will be the ultimate deterrent that though might not be enough to win this war, but will certainly bestow honor upon him. Every human being is composed of three vital elements namely conscience, sentience and a soul. In this long inevitably losing war, this man might have gotten his soul shredded to bits,  however the other two prove to be an unending reservoir of courage and valor, which convince and propel him to take brutal blows and yet get back on his feet to continue this battle. Here there are no bullets and no bombs, but an enemy that is unseen, virtually invincible and can strike at the time of its choice. However, what this enemy failed to realize is that the lonesome warrior is one who carries the sword of determination and an armor of ‘Will’ that can never be broken.


One thought on “A Decisive War Against ‘Destiny’

  1. friend this is excellent…..everyone of is fighting a futile war against destiny..like you rightly said it is easier to fight a visible enemy…..at times i wonder if everything is destiny then where is the need for effort……is’nt it futile…why dont we just resign to fate if it is stronger than GOD…you are not a LONER IN THIS JOURNEY…there are many who think likewise the only difference is that only a few are gifted who can pen their thoughts…it wld be gr8 if you cld reach out to ppl……each one of us is fighting against odds…have lots to say but finding it difficult to express cos i do not want to be misinterpreted…rajeev ur write up has got me thinking and has forced me to write these few lines ……..

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