Rising Like The ‘Phoenix’ From A Paradise Burnt To Ashes

It doesn’t take a lifetime to understand that your life is spiraling out of control, where every choice you make, no matter how noble or wise, is in turn creating a parallel string of consequences. These supposed irreversible consequences manifest themselves into a pot of boiling repercussions that defy the physical parameters of detonation. Instead of reacting simultaneously to our actions, these reactions keep piling up and just like a dormant, deceptive volcano erupt at the most unexpected of times. Times have changed, dramatically. The element of values, morals and karma are reversed to the extent that the more you do good, the more susceptible you become to the inevitable blows. With a string of situations and counter-situations and learning from a multitude of personal experiences, it seems that surely as night follows day, there comes a time when even Gods must die! So it has come to pass that God Himself has either forsaken humanity or has simply seized to exist. I am no atheist, however, blessed with sentience and a rational mind, the only logical assumption stemmed from a plethora of betrayals, deceptions is that we are entirely on our own now.

For many of us, the journey of life is dotted with a symmetrical range of good times and bad times that continue in some pre-defined cosmic ballet. However, in this global populace of some six billion souls, there are a few handful of individuals for whom, life, destiny and even karma have apparently set an exception. These souls exist on a proverbial minefield that is laid down with dangerous and at times quite fatal obstacles and to add to the already cumbersome journey, these people are subjugated to some of the most biased judgments from life itself. One of the most heart breaking experiences of life has to be without a doubt, ‘Betrayal’. A time when the very person you so endearingly lived for, placates his/her existence from one’s life, leaving a gaping hole of rejection and vain that more often than not, takes shape of insanity. Being insane is a relatively easier way out than to be in your senses and keep bracing hits after hits after hits. This is the bitter experience that many of us have gone through in our course of lives and still stand affirm in our existence as rationale human beings. Every decision we make, every step we take has consequences. The question remains, “How far  and how badly these ‘consequences’ will affect our lives?” The philosophical implications of our actions are tremendous, but for those of us who prefer more practical approach, their manifestations can be seen in our daily existence.

Are nightmares just confined to our state of sleep or do they exist even while we are wide awake? Definitely, for the uninitiated in the brutalities of Life, I can affirm that nightmare do exist, even while you are carrying out your daily obligations. There was a time when even I was naïve to think that just by closing my eyes and wishing for them to go away will eventually work out. However, in the due course of time I’ve learnt a very piercing fact that being ‘Human’ is not as all glorified as it seem to be. How do you define being ‘Human’?  Well, the common explanation to this term would be to do the right thing, be nice to others and if you aren’t able to do good, then might as well don’t do anything wrong. As humanity enters into the 21st century, a timeline dominated by the immense achievements in technology, medical science and other fields, the lesser known fact remains that the human values of morals and ethics are vanishing at an astronomical velocity. Care, affection, empathy are nearly non-existent, your unadulterated care for someone will eventually, without a doubt be mocked upon. It’s all about money, the green notes! Your entire existence is now punctuated and defined by the dollars existing in your account, not the invaluable and immeasurable underlying humanity that you possess. Does it mean we take the same path? No! In spite of  being looked down upon and betrayed for our emotions and goodness of heart, we have to be who we are. The moment you lose your values, that is the instant, you lose yourself.

Look in the mirror, see what you stand for and is it worth denouncing for the acceptance of mortals who are immoral, devoid of any and all signs of life? Absolutely not! My friends, God created us in His image and gave us emotions, sentience and the power of ‘Choice’ to ensure that we take the right steps at a time when the wrong ones seem to be the most logical ones. Though I believe that emotional blows are some of the hardest to recover from, yet I also stand affirm to humanity’s morals, values and ethics. We were brought into this world with the seed of God etched in our souls. Let not that seed go to waste, let it not be overcome by the essence of greed, lust, gluttony and other sins. We are not perfect, had we been perfect, there would not be a need of God. It’s quite evident that for us, the emotion driven individuals, life will forever be out of control, yet let that not deter you from the path of righteousness, civility, humility. Because, once humanity dies inside of you, all there is left is a husk of flesh and blood that will eventually and inevitably find its way six feet under or be consumed by the flames of cremation. Live well, my fellow humans and always remember, at the end of the day, when you look into the mirror, it’s not your hair and looks that matter, it’s your soul that you are looking into.


3 thoughts on “Rising Like The ‘Phoenix’ From A Paradise Burnt To Ashes

  1. i like the last paragraph, it’s all about choices really..
    this is good!! thamks for writing this.. 😀

    • @abdullah: I’m truly glad you agree.. exactly my friend, it’s all about choices… the ones we make, decide who we are.. consequences of our actions are inevitable, but that shouldn’t deter us from making the right choice, Always… this is who we are, we define ourselves and not by anyone else

      • agree.. but what’s so interesting is that not many people know that they have the power to choose, but they prefer to get in the flow rather than choose or make choices.. AHAHH.. it’s an eye opener really, reading what you write

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