Global Environmental Concerns That India Overlooks

The rapid growth of the Indian economy and the mere fact that, India is fast progressing towards the road of being a developed country has not only given an immense boost to the international stature of India, but has also caused monumental negative effects on the environment. The population burst along with an incredibly rising automobile market, has led to an exponential increase to the carbon emissions generated from one of the most rapidly developing countries in South East Asia. When we talk about sustainable growth strategies, we talk about the various means and projects that can help us bring home the ‘Go Green’ badge for our country and at the same, turn our nation’s progress in environment conservation into a benchmark through which future global progress can be compared.

However, do our present political, social economical and industrial models present a viable platform to achieve such a success. The answer is a flat out NO!. The land mass of India has already been covered with more than a billion souls, thereby leading to rapidly increasing requirements for the sustainability of our populace. Our politicians and upper echelons of the corridor of power keep issuing statements and rallies trying to educate the local population about the benefits of eco-conservation, but in fact, these so called national leaders have done nearly nothing to ensure that such a day would come, when our reliability on fossil fuels may come down to bare minimum. The progress and prosperity of a nation is only as good as the assured success of its citizens while maintaining the longevity of a country’s natural beauty, including the flora and fauna.

India has the desired potential to reach out to the international community and lead the  world towards a feasible solution to global warming concerns and other environment related issues. However, the Indian system is too much tied down by the bureaucratic web of corrupt officials and policies with such weak foundations that, they aren’t able to be implemented as per the timeline. The deep seated corruption in India has now led to the creation of what can only be termed as a worm hole of greed and individuality, that has sucked in almost every functional branch of our government. With the numerous shortcuts that are now available in terms of getting around legalities, even private sector seems to have relinquished all responsibilities towards the fight for our environment.

Even while India is known to be one of the most responsible nuclear powers in South East Asia, the sad fact remains that, even with the numerous advancements in the field of nuclear physics and centrifuges, the government agencies have still not been able to find a better solution to the disposal of nuclear waste, other than to dump it into the water bodies or bury it underground. This blatant violation of nuclear disposal codes set as per the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) not only signals to the irresponsible behavior on part of the relevant agencies, but is also creating a recipe for a widespread disaster. Our country is at a crossroads ladies and gentlemen, where the process involved in the creation of the very weapons that are supposed to defend us could create such poisonous circumstances, that could lead to the death of hundreds of people because of cancer, radiation poisoning and other radiation related illnesses.

Our nation’s medical sciences are considered to be one of the best across the globe and as the influx of foreign patients has increased, India has therefore been able to benefit greatly from the health tourism industry. But has this giant leap in the field of medicine taught us anything other than the dollars that we can make off it? Unfortunately, the answer still remains No! The multi billion dollar medical industry is able to create drugs and successful experimental treatments for various disease, but isn’t able to monitor the disposal of medical waste that comes as a byproduct of these experiments. If you take some time and visit our dear Yamuna river in Delhi itself, you’ll be surprised to find the amount of discarded surgical gloves, syringes and medical waste, that is considered to be an extreme biohazard.

These facts that I’ve presented today aren’t directed towards disgracing our country, but they are here to serve a much higher purpose, that of educating the my fellow country men and to create a mass awareness. We are running against the clock and we have make efforts to get this situation under control, before its becomes absolutely uncontrollable and lead us to a junction, from where is there is no turning back and the only thing left to do would be to ‘Regret’!


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