Tribute: A Mystical Phenomenon Called “Love”!!

So it happened! One moment you are truly, madly and deeply in love and then, what appears to be an instant, that love is snatched away from you, leaving you with traces of a life that, was to summarize in one word, Heavenly. We all have different methods of dealing with tragedies and heart breaks. Some turn to the shelter of God, some take a more intoxicating step towards, alcohol and others simply try to bury the past and push themselves to move on in life.

All these steps based on an individual’s psyche can be termed as damage control, but one question that most people tend to overlook is, “Till what extent do we continue to survive in the ‘damage control’ mode?” With my recent experience, all I can say is that, to move on in life is too over rated and far too easier said than done. When a heart breaks or a love is lost, the inexplicable pain that shoots from the center your brain to the very end of your toe is one of the most excruciating experiences that a man can ever come across. All the moments spent together, every sentence that was exchanged between you and your soul mate, become an endless loop of memories and continues in your head, no matter how hard you try to put it to rest.

As days go by and the cycle of life continues, there comes a constant paradigm of optimism and pessimism that, as I’ve come to realize brings more pain than relief and tends to create a giant rip in one’s thinking mechanism. Sleep becomes a hard to find luxury and so does peace of mind. Every endeavor you embark upon gets halted in its track and even if you find the courage and motivation to continue with it, even then, the efforts seem to have hit an immovable barrier of intense emotions and a monumental torrent of memories.

As against my previous belief of Atheism, this time around, I’m not searching for an answer from God, because as I’ve witnessed for a long period of time, God seldom answers questions. This time, I’m simply trying to figure a way out of an situation, that is dominated by the virtue of love and emotions that, no matter how hard I try, cannot be ignored. Some say, the solution of such a predicament is self control and focus towards the impending goals of education, career and the prospect of a better life that might be awaiting. However, it’s a proven fact that, focus can be achieved only with a sound mind and when one’s thoughts and all of his existence is enveloped by memories of his soul mate’s smiles, her love, her generosity and her sheer unadulterated purity of soul, it becomes mighty impossible to concentrate on anything, except the hopes for a reunion, that would last an eternity.

From anyone who has ever truly loved someone,

“Where ever you may be, I pray only prosperity, good luck and all the happiness for you for all the time to come. May you smile forever and be blessed upon with the umbrella of serenity and peace for you and your future. Good bye my love… God Bless You. You’ll never be forgotten!!!


7 thoughts on “Tribute: A Mystical Phenomenon Called “Love”!!

  1. Why bury the memories !? when at one time you wanted to Live them the Most and that was the only wish for that Moment !? The push to bury, or the force to move on, the thought of loosing is Perhaps the cause of Pain..
    How I perceive is, smile it away every time you think of the Person, cuz the Memories Cant be swished away..
    You Lived your purest form..being in Love !!
    Smile and you will see the Magic Technique..for I Promise there on it will never make you go weak..

  2. @Saloni Rawal: Besides being a little gloomy about the ‘tears’ part, I truly appreciate the fact that there are still souls in this emotionally barren landscape, for whom ‘feelings’ matter.

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