U.S Special Forces Accelerate Anti-Terror Operations In Afghanistan

Special Forces units of the United States of America have reportedly accelerated their efforts against the militant outfits such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other terror outfits in Afghanistan and is planning to significantly expand its covert operations in the region in an effort to uproot some of the most dreaded terrorist outfits operating from the area.

A number of U.S military commanders on the basis of anonymity have stated that, specialized units of the elite U.S Delta Force and classified U.S Navy Seals units have been conducting counter insurgency operations and thus far have been able to weaken the command structure of Sirajuddin Haqqani, one of the most ruthless and dangerous Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. As per the reports, the special forces units have been able to eliminate some of the key Taliban operatives, based on intercepted cell phone communications.

So far, the Obama administration have not provided any details on these close guarded operations, however, with the recent commitment from U.S President Barack Obama deploy additional 30,000 troops to the region, the spectrum of such covert operations is expected to increase substantially. On the other hand, with special forces and other units close on the heels of the terrorists, the militants have recently stated that, the war in Afghanistan is far from over and that they will turn Afghanistan in to a “flaming oven” to counter the increased coalition military activity.

According to Ahmed Sayedi (Political Analyst),

“They (the Taliban) will transform Afghanistan into a flaming tandoor (oven) for the foreign forces. America’s economic woes could limit resources for forces fighting a Taliban with access to funds from the three-billion-dollar-a-year Afghan opium industry and fighters from Pakistan.”


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