The Ultimate Weapon Of Destiny!

Love, as defined in the dictionary is ‘a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.’ So being the case, what is still unclear is, if Love is so clearly defined and understood by the human intellect then how is it that at the precise moment of reality, when everything hangs in the balance of one person’s acceptance or denial, honesty or infidelity, is the exact time when that special someone chooses to throw away the intricately designed definition of love and just simply walks away and takes the path that chooses him/her the best. Taking this very argument as a hypothesis, the final and the most vital questions baffles me and this question being; “Is love meant only for individuals who have a choice, who can make decisions as they seem fit?

In the event that someone does come up with an answer to the above-mentioned question, a secondary question that would certainly by every logical reason will be asked and that question according to me would be the most fitting to almost every individual burnt in love.

Q: What is the option for the people who are truly and madly in love with someone and have no room for choice or to create options. What is to become of such souls?

Ans: Looking back to various situations that I have come across, personally or relevant case studies (examples from my social circle), I have come to a deduction that, people who have an absolute faith in love and who are truly committed to this phenomenon are the ones who are at the top of the threat level of being hurt. In some cases, this pain or this kind of an emotional hit can at times be fatal. However, there are people who in-spite of having the knowledge of the hazards of love, still keep an optimistic outlook and implement a bold approach in pursuing their sole personal goal of acquiring love.

Unfortunately, the concept of choice or option becomes invalid the very moment a person falls in love. It so happens that Love becomes the Morphine for that individual’s pain of loneliness and for that amount of time till this sedative runs in his system, the entire world seems to become a paradise, his own personal Garden of Eden. And when this morphine induced dream comes to end, i.e. when his so to speak “Soul mate” decides to part her ways, due to her lack of understanding of his sentiments or for any other reason, is the exact moment when he comes face to face with the bitter truth of life and is forced to ask the above mentioned question.

We all need love, all livings beings from the flora and fauna to the Homo sapiens. There is a constant struggle to make the heads and tails of our existence and it is during this self-exploration that we come along this subtle emotion of Love. Thus fooling ourselves in believing that it is the one threshold which when achieved, will set us free and finally in our long struggle with our existence, Love will attain us Nirvana.

How unfortunate that after billions of years of evolution, we still haven’t been able to differentiate between the road to Salvation and the Road to Hell!!


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