So You Thought It Was Over? It Has Just Begun!

A constant struggle to make sense of all that is happening around us, is what we can cynically call “Life”. To this date, no one (and I stress on the ‘no one’ part) has been able to figure out as to what the purpose of our existence is. We try to find meaning, a sense of completion by acting in the most humane manner possible, vying to make the best of our lives and yet, somewhere in this struggle individualism prevails, thus negating the whole concept of life.

To take life as a blessing for some, is metaphorically benign and quite easy, without the realization of the fact that, almost out of 100 individuals 90 to 95 people consider their lives to be nothing but a burden which they unwillingly have to endure for the sole reason of establishing their existence. At the end of the day, after all is said and done, the moment of truth slams right in our faces and the reality of life veers its ugly head unraveling a venom, an extremely slow acting poison, which literally feeds on our hopes and aspirations.

This poison is instilled in most of the humans’ “destiny” where it waits and lingers in the deepest fathoms of our worst nightmares and like a vicious predator pounces upon us at the time when everything seems to be picture perfect, i.e. at the peak of our “happy times”. To what extent can this sort of strike go to is incomprehensible, as different people suffer different sorts of blows. Yet one substance remains constant and that is, the sheer amount of pain, agony and misery that an individual go through for the rest of his life.

To the majority, such type of thinking may be obvious as a pessimistic outlook towards life, but considering the complexities that may be engraved in his/her life, who has been literally through hell and back and yet circumstances keep pulling him down has to be taken into account. If not necessarily been sympathized with the individual, the majority should always have an open mind about his thinking and try to cajole with him and must at least take steps to try to understand his perspective.


2 thoughts on “So You Thought It Was Over? It Has Just Begun!

  1. u r right in ur prospective to view life. May b its true ,……. but for me life is an unending friendship with my sole and destiny!!! and no matter how people or hell test me out , i m gonna pass it with A grade and will never point a finger on this great gift of GOD.
    please don’t take it on ourself but its just for myself.
    thank you.

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